3 dead and 7 injured in mass shooting in New Orleans

New Orleans police today were asking for community cooperation in helping to solve the shooting occurred Saturday night. Police are have launched a manhunt are asking for any tips that may lead the identification of 2 shooters who opened up with gun fire on a crowd outside of shopping mall just 3 miles from the French Quarter. One gunman was armed with a handgun, the other a rifle.

After firing several rounds into the crowd, one of the gunman dressed in a hoodie stood over an already shot victim and discharged several more rounds into the body. The gunmen then fled on foot, both disguised by the night and hoodies.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison indicated that the shooting was not indiscriminate, but personal. He stated in a news conference Sunday, “This has to be personal,” Harrison said. “Firing indiscriminately into a crowd, shooting 10 people, killing three? That’s personal. It doesn’t get more personal.”

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell issued a statement Saturday condemning the shooting.

“There is no place in New Orleans for this kind of violence. I speak for everyone in our City when I say we are disgusted, we are infuriated, and we have had more than enough.”