As Manafort trial ramps up, ‘rich lifestyle’ spending habits brought to light by prosecution

As the trial of Paul Manafort for tax and bank fraud charges continues on, prosecutors give the jury a rundown of Manafort’s spending habits which have been dubbed as ‘lavish’.  Several of the items that were listed on expense reports and cataloged were testified to by vendors on Tuesday and on Thursday in an effort by the prosecutors to show that Mr. Manafort paid for these via consulting work done in the Ukraine that he did not pay taxes on.    The items include:

$15,000 ostrich jacket

Ostrich jacket manafort

$18,500 python skin jacket

Python skin jacket manafort

Over $1 million spent on suits, jackets, pants, and other clothing at Couture in New York – a high end clothing store.

$21,000 watch

$2 million home near in Northern Virginia, a few miles from where his trial is

$1 million at an antique rug store


The jury has yet to see the pictures of the items themselves, but will be able to when they are deliberating on a verdict.