Billionaire Activist Charles Koch planning on holding more Republicans ‘accountable’ in upcoming elections

12th richest man in the US and lead of one of the biggest political donor groups in the nation, Charles Koch, spoke in a very rare interview at a resort in the Rocky Mountains to a small group of reporters.  Koch stated, “I regret some of the [lawmakers] we have supported … we’re gonna more directly deal with that and hold people accountable.”

Koch was speaking to GOP lawmakers and holding them accountable for their votes when they break with the Koch group’s free market views on matters like tariffs and spending.

The Koch group, or network as it’s commonly referred to, will be spending about 400 million dollars this election cycle to bolster their economic views in policy and politics.  And they aren’t afraid to divvy some of their spending toward the Democrats if it fits their agenda.  Koch spoke quite frankly on the matter,  “I’m looking for policies that will move forward a society of mutual benefit, where everybody has the opportunity to realize their objectives, so I don’t care what initials are in front or after somebody’s name, I’d like there to be many more politicians who would embrace and have the courage to run on a platform like this.”