How Much Has the Russian Investigation Cost the US Taxpayers?

Here’s a breakdown that is an extremely accurate listing within a month time period of what the Russian investigation headed by Special counsel Robert Mueller has cost the US Taxpayers.  So far this investigation has only netted us a low level criminal indictment of 12 Russians who have been charged with hacking the DNC servers during the 2016 elections when Obama was president.  Here is how much we’ve paid so far for the extended investigation between October 2017 and March 2018 (that we know of):

Travel expenses have cost $530,232

Information technology service have cost $226,723

Supplies and materials have cost $29,593

Salaries and benefits for employees in the special counsel’s office have cost $883,034

Justice Department employees temporarily assigned to the special counsel’s office have cost $1.97 million

The total spent overall has been estimated by sources (Politico) to have reached over $17 million.  The Russian investigation was launched to determine if there was any Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, and to see if there was any collusion on any part of any Americans, including any tied with the Trump campaign.