Job growth robust, unemployment at an 18-year low. Trump foresees even better numbers

US businesses added 219,000 jobs in July, a hugely robust number that suggests employers are still able to find the workers they need despite the extremely low unemployment rate.  The unemployment rate, which is the lowest it has been in almost 18 years, at 3.9%, has been greatly helped by tax cuts and greater government spending all implemented by the Trump administration.

One of the main worries has been that tariffs and trade fights between the US, EU, China, and other countries would at best put the US economy at a stand still and at worst send the US into a recession.  This hasn’t been the case at all, in fact there has been no sign of any impact on the economy.

Worries and speculation still persist that we have yet to see the brunt of what the import taxes with China will produce, but the negotiations are still underway and any real results are mere speculation at this point.

Mark Zandi, of Moody Analytics, expects strong job gains to continue through this year and into 2019, potentially driving the unemployment rate below 3.5 percent.

President Trump seems to expect the same as well, retweeting today, “No more Americans stuck on the sidelines.  Workforce development promotes fulfilling employment, stable income and lifelong learning.”  Along with another upbeat retweet of, “There’s never been a more promising time to be an American worker or an American employer.”