The first 2 screen laptop – Lenovo Yoga 930

Lenovo has launched what it calls the first dual screen laptop at the IFA consumer electronics conference in Berlin, Germany.

The Yoga 930 has a normal display screen as all laptops do, but also has in the place of the keyboard a second screen that doubles as a digital keyboard, black and white e-reader, and a notepad.

The device will cost $1,164 and be available at the end September in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Along with the Yoga 930, Lenovo will also have available the upgraded Yoga 930C.  The 930C will run on Windows 10 and have built in sound bar to boost entertainment functionality.

Other tech gadgets that Lenovo had on display at the IFA were a  a series of smart home products.  These included an internet-connected plug, camera and light bulb. These will be compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant products with availability in the U.S. starting in November.