Vukmir takes the GOP nomination after huge amount of money thrown against her – Trump congratulates

Wisconsin Senator Leah Vukmir won the GOP Senate primary Tuesday night in a general election that will pit her against Democratic US Senator Tammy Baldwin in November.

Vukmir faced off against former Democrat businessman Nicholson in the primary, who was being backed by outside groups to the tune of several millions of dollars beyond what Vukmir had raised.

Nicholson was seen by Vukmir and her supporters as generally being an insider and supporting what President Trump has dubbed as the “Swamp” of Washington DC.  Vukmir commented on this point and Nicholson’s huge amount money spent on negative campaigns against her during the campaign:

“I think it was a desperate, last-minute ploy that’s using out-of-state, special interest money — the same group that trashed Donald Trump. It’s really ironic they are the ones that are going after me. Once Donald Trump became our candidate, I stuck with him. I signed the unity pledge. I really believe Harley Davidson is not only a point of pride for Wisconsin, but for our nation. From the beginning, I got into this to take on Tammy Baldwin, who I don’t believe represents our values here in Wisconsin. She has not been present. She doesn’t come to the state except when it’s time to campaign. I’ve gone to all 72 counties. I’ve put on 82,000 miles on my car and everywhere I go people say ‘what has Tammy done for us?  She has not been there for our veterans at the Tomah VA. She believes in single-player government run health care. They want someone who is a proven consistent conservative. That’s what I’ve done here in the state of Wisconsin.  I’m proud of what we have done and proud of what I call this economic miracle. Anyone can talk about being a conservative. I can actually show you by my record and I think ultimately, the voters of Wisconsin are very savvy.  We’ve gone through a lot of elections in our state and so I think they’re going to trust my record,” said Vukmir.

Trump congratulated Vukmir Wednesday morning saying, “Congratulations to Leah Vukmir of Wisconsin on your great win last night. You beat a very tough and good competitor and will make a fantastic Senator after winning in November against someone who has done very little. You have my complete and total Endorsement!”